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Study: Cats

Just wanted to introduce you to our little family. They're both a little less than a year old, and we love 'em to death. No poetry this time lol, just pics.

This is Tosen, she's our little Greykins. I know this pic is a bit outta focus, but hay, I'm learning!

This is her again, all tired out from chasing the string...

And now for our Sheldon. Shel is a...very strange cat. Here he is asking for a tummy rub, he's nuts about 'em! Hasn't he got the cutest ickle leopard spots?

And now he's mad because I didn't rub his tummy.

That's it!! Soon you'll have pics of little Hermione, the baby kitten we're getting, once she comes home after being weaned. Now I have a question...do these pics just shoke your friends page to distraction? If it's that bad I'll cut em....but I like not using the cut for these, especially when I add poetry. But then I don't want to annot the hell out of you all either. :) Love to you all!
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